How Do Food Grade Lubricants Keep Us Safe?

How Do Food Grade Lubricants Keep Us Safe?
Lubricants are substances that are applied on the surface of objects to avoid damage due to wear, corrosion, friction, rust, and so on. When it comes to industries, it’s one of the most commonly used objects. Since technical operations take place 24X7 in the industries, it’s advised to apply lubricants on the surfaces of various machinery. It makes the process swift and prevents the machinery from wear & tear and different types of damages. As they say, Prevention is better than cure. It applies quite well in the technical industry. The cost of repairing these damages is a lot and it can be prevented with the help of lubricants.

Now, let’s look at food grade lubrication. How is that different from others? Well, when it comes to edibles, you want your machinery to perform hassle-free but not at the cost of harmful chemicals getting in contact with food elements. Here’s where food grade lubricants come into the picture. They keep the food and machinery safe from various hazards. They are divided further into 3 categories. H1 lubricants: They are used in food processing environments where there are chances of contact with food. H2 lubricants: These are applied directly to the equipment and machinery and in this case, there is zero contact of food with any surface of the machines. H3 lubricants: These are edible oils that are applied over trolleys and hooks.

Here are a few advantages of food grade lubricants:

1. Protects from wear and tear:
If a piece of machinery is being operated 24X7, they are bound to face challenges like wear and tear. No engines or machines are strong enough to work for longer hours, every day without facing wear and tear or friction. However, applying lubricants to these machinery saves them from the common damages of wear and tear and friction caused by longer operating hours.

2. Protects from corrosion and oxidation:
Where there is metal, there are chances of corrosion and oxidation. And industries are full of metal. From machines to various surfaces, they all are either made of metal or covered with a layer of it. It doesn’t take much time for an exposed piece of metal to get corroded. Food grade grease helps by preventing the metal of the equipment from getting corroded and oxidized.

3. Saving costs:
These damages cost the company a lot of money. Rather than spending a fortune on repairing the machinery, it’s much more practical to spend a smaller amount of money on these lubricants and prevent any potential damage to your equipment.

4. Saving from heat:
High temperature food grade lubricant is made to prevent heat dissipation. When a heated object is placed in a less heated environment, its heat can get transferred to the surrounding objects. Food grade lubricants prevent the nearby objects from heat dissipation.

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