How To Get Rid Of Pet Odour In Your Homes?

How To Get Rid Of Pet Odour In Your Homes?
Pet owners often get nose-blind to the odour of their pets. In the case of odour present in the house, most of the time, it goes unnoticed. But guests do notice this change as soon as they set foot in your house. So how does one make sure their house smells fresh and pleasant at all times while keeping it pet-friendly? Here are a few ways in which you can regularly clean and maintain your house and get rid of odour:

1. Scrub all surfaces:
If you don’t have carpets, scrubbing bare floors and walls regularly is the first step. Pets tend to leave marks on these surfaces for which you can use vinegar or a wood floor cleaner to do the job. An odour-neutralizing liquid is the best to go for, you can find it at any of the pet stores. NCH QUAT Disinfectant is also a great choice to remove the invisible germs and other pathogens. This disinfectant is safe to be used on food surfaces as well. The best part is that the product can be simply rinsed with water and it leaves a long-lasting fragrance of lime freshness.

2. Maintain your rugs and carpets:
Unlike bare floors, rugs and carpets easily catch stains and odour. Vacuum cleaning will not suffice the process. Shampoo carpets and rugs or hire professionals every month to do the job effortlessly. Make sure you clean the floor before replacing the carpet with vinegar or a disinfectant liquid to avoid the smell returning soon.

3. Don’t forget the fabrics:
Fabrics catch hold of stains and odour over a period of time. A weekly wash or dry cleaning of curtains, bedsheets and other fabrics placed around the house is essential to remove odour completely. If your pet has a bedding space, do wash it as well.

4. Use an odour remover:
Making a room odour remover a part of your daily cleaning routine is important if you have pets. The NCH Odour remover is highly effective in this case. It is the best odour remover applicable on all surfaces such as carpets, concrete, wall coverings and non-porous surfaces such as vinyl, terrazzo, porcelain, Formica, linoleum, in and around urinals and commode bowls. The NCH Odour Remover masks odour on contact and provides immediate relief and long-lasting control from organic waste. Even if you remove pet waste instantly, chances are that the garbage cans will stink every day. You can use the liquid on these cans too. It has a non-staining formula that protects all surfaces without damaging them.

Last but not least, train your pets to know the limits of where they can linger. If your house has spaces that are difficult to clean and maintain, train your pet to not move around the area. This will avoid them from staining and leaving their smell there. NCH has a range of products that can help you maintain your rooms odour-free with ease. These products are eco-friendly and safe, making them an ideal choice for animal lovers. Do check out the products now!

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