NCH Advanced Online Flush Oil, MULTI-USE

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Works on Engines, Gears, Hydraulics, Valves, Cylinders, Oil lines and Reservoirs.

  • Helps flushing even when the equipment is running.
  • Saves equipment downtime, energy consumption, and parts replacement.
  • Safely dissolves deposits, neutralizes acid and cleans metal surfaces to reduce operating temperature, hydraulic pressure spikes and system wear.
  • Neutralizes up to 100 times its weight in residual acid.
  • Suitable for mineral and synthetic oils and contains no acid, caustic or chlorinated solvent.
  • Increases system efficiency and service life.
  • Will not damage seals, gaskets or rings.
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  • Extends the life of Equipment and Oil
  • Multi-Use product for various Industries like Industrial Manufacturing, Utility & Power Plants, Construction, Mining & Farming etc.
  • Compliant and in accordance with ASTM D4174 standard practice for cleaning, flushing, and purification of petroleum fluid hydraulic systems.


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