NCH Contact Cleaner, Solvent Cleaner for Electrical, Electronic Equipment & PCB

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  • SAFE AND ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Does not contain fluorinated or chlorinated solvents that harm the environment.
  • Cleans and degreases electrical and electronic equipment without damaging circuitry
  • PROLONGS EQUIPMENT LIFE - Cleans and degreases equipment without corroding the metal surface, extending the life of equipment and parts.
  • NON-CONDUCTIVE UP TO 35,000 VOLTS - Completely safe to use on electrical machines and components.
  • CLEANS WITHOUT DISASSEMBLY - Reduces downtime as it cleans and de greases without requiring work stoppage.
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Areas of application - Mechatronics, Robots, MC/NC center, Printed circuit boards, Relay switches, Relays for telephone exchanges, AC dust collectors, Values, Radiators, Compressors, Engine parts etc.


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