NCH Fluid Grease #000, Heavy Duty Aluminum complex grease - RED Formula

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  • Based on aluminum complex, NCH’s Red formula is a long-term lubricating grease for heavy industrial equipment.
  • This high-performance grease has exceptional heat reversion properties and provides superior protection for equipment against heavy loads, dirt, dust, water, and heat along with excellent anti wear property.
  • Equipped with clear synthetic moly, providing excellent heavy load protection, consistent performance and longer lubricating life.
  • This high-performance grease has very good corrosion protection property as well as provides wear protection to contacting frictional surfaces.
  • Excellent high temperature performance, NLGI 00 NLGI 000 – with minimum operating temperature of -29 C to maximum 149 C and 205 C intermittent with monitored re-lubrication.

  • SKU: NCHONFG00001

 Also available in a Red Formula NLGI #00


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