NCH Odour Remover, Eco-friendly & Multi-use

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  • Provides immediate odour relief along with long-lasting control from organic waste.
  • Masks odour on contact- then bacteria/enzyme action digest the odour source.
  • Non staining, can be used safely on fabrics and surfaces
  • Applicable on Porous surfaces - carpets, concrete, wall coverings, grout, soiled by urine, feces, spoiled food, vomit etc.
  • Applicable on Nonporous surfaces - vinyl, terrazzo, porcelain, Formica, linoleum, very effective for use in and around urinals and commode bowls.
  • Also applicable to garbage cans and trucks
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  • For home interiors, restroom & public areas, laundry & locker rooms, fitness facilities. Inside homes, you can use it on couches, pillows, carpets, curtains, bedsheets, shower curtains, car seats, upholstery, linens and yoga mats, pet accessories, bedpans, toilet corners, and where ever you want the fouls smell needs to be controlled or eliminated.
  • Environmentally friendly, totally safe to use in all areas of the home, work & Industrial use.

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