NCH Room Freshener with Vanilla-Orange Fragrance

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  • INSTANT CRISP FRAGRANCE - Masks Odours without being overpowering instantly
  • REFRESHING SCENT - Filters throughout the room to freshen and deodorize
  • ECONOMICAL – Highly concentrated formula
  • Just one spray burst fills the AC closed room with fragrance, can last up to 24 hrs.
  • Ready to use
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  • Applicable to use for bathrooms, hotel lobby, cafeterias, classrooms, entryways, garbage cans, gymnasiums, hospitals, kitchens, locker rooms, day care centers, restaurants, schools, sewage treatment plants, trash bins etc.
  • Recommended for use to mask offensive odors caused by animals, body odors, cigarette and cigar smoke, garbage, mold and mildew, spoiled food, urine and feces, vomit etc.

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